Scolarisation Madagascar is a French humanitarian aid organization whose goal is to facilitate the schooling and feeding of children from poor families..

Our goals


In a country where barely a third of all children attend school and where schools are too expensive for most families, our association takes care of the the registration fees and provide school supplies for more than 2,000 children from the slums and the countryside.


Malnutrition is a recurrent problem that affects disadvantaged families. Every year, Scolarisation Madagascar distributes more than 350,000 meals in the schools and structures it supports. Meals consist of rice, vegetables and fruits.


Donations are 66% tax deductible!

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Donation Deduction Actual cost You finance one year of canteen for...
20€ 13€ 7€ 1 child
40€ 27€ 13€ 2 children
100€ 66€ 34€ 5 children
200€ 133€ 67€ 10 children

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In Madagascar, more than 90% of the population lives on less than 1€70 per day. Since its creation in 2016, Scolarisation Madagascar has been working to provide Malagasy children from disadvantaged families with the basics of a decent life: at least one daily meal and access to school. The association's team, present in France and on the ground in Madagascar, ensures that at least 95% of your donations are used directly for our programs. Scolarisation Madagascar creates canteens, helps many schools, orphanages, dispensaries and emergency centers.

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