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Fifaliana school

The Fifaliana school was opened in September 2021. It was built and is owned by Scolarisation Madagascar. It welcomes 152 poor children in classes from kindergarten to CM1. Its free canteen offers balanced meals to all children. Extracurricular activities are also available to all. Its inclusive pedagogy allows the inclusion of disabled children together with able-bodied children. 12 people are employed to run Fifaliana.

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In public schools


Until 2019, enrollment in public elementary school was always paying. Scolarisation Madagascar covered the registration fees of approximately 1,600 children per year. When enrollment became free in 2020, our association continued its efforts to include poor children in the school system by covering part of the other costs (purchase of supplies, canteen, etc.). Approximately 200 children also receive a yearly scholarship through individual sponsorship.

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Scolarisation Madagascar provides rice to 17 canteens and about 2,500 beneficiaries. Schools, orphanages, nutrition centers and prisons: nearly 80 tons of rice are distributed each year. For most of the beneficiaries, this is the only meal of their day. We work with a local distributor who guarantees us regional quality rice, and who also takes care of the delivery.

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