Scolarisation Madagascar is a French humanitarian aid organization under the French law of 1901. Created in October 2016, its objective is to facilitate the schooling and feeding of children from disadvantaged Malagasy families in order to give them a real chance for personal development and the hope of a successful integration into the society of their country.

Scolarisation Madagascar's team is divided between the office in France and the volunteers in the field in Madagascar. Raymond Arbona, president and founder, is present in Madagascar 10 months a year. This allows him, with the team and the local partners, to ensure the follow-up and the realization of all the actions that we carry out. Moreover, it allows him to guide donors wishing to live the unforgettable experience of a field visit, as well as to host interns and volunteers.

Gratefulness of the Malagasy State


In January 2018, Scolarisation Madagascar received from the hands of the Secretary for Education, Mr. Paul Andrianiaina Rabary, a certificate from the Malagasy State for "its valuable contribution to the improvement of the educational system in Madagascar". Since then, this certificate has been renewed every year by the successive governments.

Thanks to donors

All our actions are made possible thanks to our 175 donors and members. Thanks to their generosity, 1106 children were enrolled in school and 120,000 meals were distributed in 2017. In 2018, 261,000 meals were served and 2323 children found their way to school. For the year 2019, 3576 students received our help and 306,000 meals were offered to them. In 2020, 308,500 meals were served. For the year 2021, 80 tons of rice have been ordered.

Scolarisation Madagascar's Team

The association operate thanks to...
Raymond ARBONA
President and Founder

After a career as a social worker, Raymond, a native of the Annecy region, devotes his retirement to helping the most disadvantaged. With a long experience in the associative field, with the creation of several associations for associations for Madagascar in the Rhône-Alpes region (Lyon, Annecy...) or the presidency of the Restos du Coeur de Haute-Savoie, Raymond is the founding president of Scolarisation Madagascar. He now spends 10 months a year in the field, in Madagascar, to direct the actions of his association. He returns two months a year to France to ensure the liaison with the members of the association and to hold the annual General Assembly.

Board members in France

Mother of two grown children, found of running, has worked for more than 20 years in a computer company. Because of her accounting background, her father, Paul, convinced her to join the association to manage the treasury. Since the creation of the Madagascar association, she has been working on the follow-up of donations and expenses in order to guarantee a transparent administration of the funds. Her professional activity prevents her from going to Madagascar for the moment, but this is part of her future projects.

Assistant Treasurer

Living near Annecy, his retirement is busy with his family, sports, music and gardening. When Scolarisation Madagascar was created, Raymond, with whom he had already collaborated in a previous association, asked him to join the team. Since then, Paul has been helping with the financial management and some secretarial tasks, in particular the collection of the funds and their transfer to Madagascar. During a stay in Antsirabe in 2019, he was able to meet the members of the association based in Madagascar and see for himself the work done in the field.

Dominique STRACK

Franco-Suisse père de 4 enfants, Dominique a rejoint l'association à sa pré-retraite comme membre-donateur en Avril 2020, puis a progressivement renforcé son implication dans notre fonctionnement jusqu'à intégrer le CA. Marqué par son expérience en Ethiopie et par ses divers voyages, Dominique aime consacrer son temps au bénévolat dans les domaines de l'éducation et de l'écologie. Il nous apporte une formation solide, son goût du terrain et une longue expérience de gestionnaire de projets

The team in the field in Madagascar, with Raymond
Hoby Rafamatarantsoa
Assistant, responsible for the Malagasy section

A native of the city of Fianarantsoa, Hoby is a trained social worker. As an employee of Scolarisation Madagascar since its creation, she is in charge of the follow-up of the 40 individually sponsored children, and therefore also of the liaison between the beneficiaries and the donors. Moreover, Hoby is in charge of the coordination for the schooling of all the children that we enroll in public schools (choice of schools, enrollment...). Finally, she is responsible for the follow-up of all the canteens that receive our help (number of beneficiaries, delivery of rice...). At 37 years old, this perfectly bilingual mother is also a part-time teacher in a small school for poor children.

Maxime Blanc

Born in Normandy, Maxime has been living in Madagascar since 2010. Met during a partnership set up by Scolarisation Madagascar, he ended up becoming a member of our association. Thanks to his initial training as a computer worker, he was first in charge of IT management and communication (photos, videos, website...). Today, he is also in charge of supporting the president in the coordination and follow-up of some projects (notably the construction of classrooms) and future development projects. Speaking Malagasy and married to a Malagasy woman, he has created 4 different schools in Antsirabe that take care of children who are out of school or disabled.

Sylviane Tiana
In charge of the follow-up

A social worker by training, Sylviane works for Asmae - Association Soeur Emmanuelle. For Scolarisation Madagascar, she is in charge of the individual follow-up of the children in Antananarivo, especially the Chez Françoise home. Visits at home, school reports or messages with the donors, Syvliane stays in contact with all the children every quarter. Her work allows her to make the link between the children, their legal guardians and their sponsors, in order to guarantee an efficient work and a durable relationship.