Scolarisation Madagascar
Helping vulnerable children in Madagascar
For underprivileged, disabled and out-of-school children
Building schools
Free and inclusive
Creating canteens
in schools, orphanage and for street children
Long-term individual follow-ups
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Distribution of hearing aids

Like last year, Scolarization Madagascar organized with its partners, VivaSon and Perma Alter, a distribution of hearing aids. This year, 80 hearing impaired children were able to receive our help....

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Launch of the Fanantenana project

Scolarisation Madagascar and Children's Hopes are proud to present their new project: the construction of an inclusive school that will welcome 150 children for free!...

Latest pictures from our school Fifaliana

Follow the day-to-day life of our school as if you were with the children. Zoom in on one picture and read the caption for additional information.
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Our actions

Every year, our association pays for the schooling fees of thousands of children, from kindergarten to college.

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Building schools

In addition to creating our own schools, we fund the buildings of classrooms in other public or private schools.

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In schools, community centers, orphanages and for street children, we distribute an average of 80 tons of rice per year in 10 different canteens.

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We offer scholarships and individual sponsorships, in addition to training and social support.

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Video presentation

Scolarisation Madagascar is a French association of the 1901 law type (status for French non-profit organization) created in 2016 that funds schools and canteens for underprivileged and disabled children in Madagascar.

Some figures
Situation in Madagascar Our actions
1 million children under 10 years old do not go to schoolWe create free schools for poor children
90% of the population suffers from malnutritionWe distribute hundreds of thousands of free meals each year
81% of the population lives below the poverty threshold while public schools are fee-payingWe pay for schooling fees in public or private schools
95% of disabled children do not go to school We dedicate 10% of our places to children with special needs
The median salary is 42€/monthIn our schools, a sponsorship of 10€/month pays for school supplies, meals, and medical care for one pupil.
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10€ will cover the costs of school supplies, meals, and medical care for one child for one month. Every euro counts and will be used entirely for the children! All payments are quick and secure.

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You want to be a volunteer

Come in the field and give us a hand. Every kinds of skills are welcome. At any age, for any duration, we can all bring something significant to the children!

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